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Until recently, we couldn't buy Bitcoin in Hawaii even if you want to buy it, right? I will share an account opening site that can be opened in Hawaii that my friend recently told me.

If you deposit money in this account, if you deposit the interest rate with USD, it will have an interest rate of about 8% per year, and if it is a cryptocurrency, it seems that a 6% interest rate will be accrued. Now Bitcoin is surprisingly rising. Not only BITCOIN, but also stocks are rising at an amazing rate, and it is reminiscent of a bubble. It is said that this is because the government has allocated a large amount of money to us for corona relief, and that the excess money has occurred. When inflation occurs here, the value of the money we have now will decrease, so in order to avoid that, we must increase the cash on hand as much as possible. However, there are few ways to increase it with zero risk. This BLOCKFI is also good to hear, but if it goes bankrupt, there is no guarantee by the government, unlike depositing it in a financial industry such as a bank. Therefore, it is a good idea to use it with risks in mind.

I don't know how far bitcoin will go up in the future, but it is also possible to just put it in this account with USD without doing anything, so it may be easier than putting it in the IRA I just talked about in the previous blog.

If you are interested, please look at BLOCKFI at the link below.




BlockFi ビットコイン口座開設

今までハワイではビットコインが買いたくても買えなかったですよね?最近友人が教えてくれたハワイでもオープンできる口座開設のサイトをシェアいたします。 この口座にお金を預けると、なんと金利がUSDで預けると年利8%程つき、仮想通貨だと6%金利が付くようです。今ビットコインは驚くほど、値上がりしています。BITCOINだけではなく、株も驚くようなスピードで値上がりしていて、バブルを連想しますよね。実態経

Tax season has begun and E file has started.

Tax season has begun and E file has started. This year's points are unemployment insurance (FORM1099-G) and STIMULUS CHECK whether you received $1,200 per person. If you have not received THE STIMULUS


タックスシーズンが始まり、Efileが開始されました。今年のポイントは失業保険(FORM1099-G)とSTIMULUS CHECK御一人1200ドル分を受け取っているかどうか です。STIMULUS CHECKを受け取ってない方は2020年の申告で再申請できますので、去年受け取っている金額を正確に申請することが大切です。ほとんどの方はIRSから金額に関するお手紙を受け取っていると思いますので、そ




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