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Blockfi Bitcoin Account

Until recently, we couldn't buy Bitcoin in Hawaii even if you want to buy it, right? I will share an account opening site that can be opened in Hawaii that my friend recently told me.

If you deposit money in this account, if you deposit the interest rate with USD, it will have an interest rate of about 8% per year, and if it is a cryptocurrency, it seems that a 6% interest rate will be accrued. Now Bitcoin is surprisingly rising. Not only BITCOIN, but also stocks are rising at an amazing rate, and it is reminiscent of a bubble. It is said that this is because the government has allocated a large amount of money to us for corona relief, and that the excess money has occurred. When inflation occurs here, the value of the money we have now will decrease, so in order to avoid that, we must increase the cash on hand as much as possible. However, there are few ways to increase it with zero risk. This BLOCKFI is also good to hear, but if it goes bankrupt, there is no guarantee by the government, unlike depositing it in a financial industry such as a bank. Therefore, it is a good idea to use it with risks in mind.

I don't know how far bitcoin will go up in the future, but it is also possible to just put it in this account with USD without doing anything, so it may be easier than putting it in the IRA I just talked about in the previous blog.

If you are interested, please look at BLOCKFI at the link below.




そーらクレジットに関して簡単に要約します。 2022 年にクレジットが必要な場合は、2022 年にソーラー システムの設置を開始する必要があります。 連邦税額控除は、ソーラー パネルの設置費用の 30% であり、納税義務を軽減します。使い切れない場合は、2023 年まで繰り越して税金を相殺することができます。 ハワイ州の税額控除は 35% で最大 5000 ドル 太陽光発電システムは、主たる住居ま

Here is my summary for Solar tax credit Solar system installation has to be place in service in 2022 if you want credit in 2022 Federal tax credit is 30% of the cost of installing solar panels, which

突然ハワイ州から還付があった方は、このact 115だと思いますので、google翻訳してみましたので、ご覧ください。 1.Act 115 払い戻しとは何ですか? Act 115、Session Laws of Hawaii 2022 (Act 115) は、2022 年 12 月 31 日までに 2021 課税年度の個人所得税申告書を提出した各適格居住納税者に 1 回限りの憲法上の払い戻しを提供

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