Our PPP Simple Calculator additional notes

Please note that the calculation formula for a Line 1 in PPP SIMPLE CALCULATOR is add $20833 instead of total salary because its example of the salary exceeds $20833 as MAX. If the owner's salary is less than $20833, please erase $20833 from the calculation formula and change it to the total salary.

Please note that health insurance for self-employed schedule C, partnership schedule K-1 and S CORP's partner are not included in LINE1. Again please read carefully the instruction of F3508EZ.

We assumes that we create excel based on your payday. Calculating total wages by 24 weeks, in most cases, I think it is easiest to calculate by PAY DAY.

If you used EIDL as a salary before you receive PPP fund, the interest rate of EIDL may be lower. Please leave its interest rate to the bank's judgment.




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